Today I celebrate a new year and my new beginning. I know that 2012 will be a great year to go after our dreams

Exactly two years ago I was starting my full-time freelance career.I used to have a regular job and work freelance on the side whenever I had a chance, but on that New Years Eve of 2009 something clicked in my head. I remember my old boss asking me to work on January 1st and I thank him for that, because instead of doing so I quitted the job and went head first into doing what I love.

I promised myself that for that year I was going to do what I love and be free. That was one of the best decisions that I have ever took in my life. It was such big turn with no guarantees, I had to struggle and hustle a lot to stay on my feet but happiness was always around me because I was doing what I loved.

I’ve failed a lot during this past two years, but I learned a lot from those fails and it made me a better professional and a better person. The fear of no guarantees that I had two year ago still on my gut and it’s what keeps me moving.

“You can’t stop moving when there’s a lion running after you.”

I can’t put in words how much I’ve learned. I’ve done a lot of great work, and planted a lot of seeds that will provably bring me to new directions, all because of one decision that I took 2 years ago. But after all the only thing that matters is how happy you are and how much are you enjoying your everyday life because at the end you can look back with a smile or a tear, and that my friends it’s up to you!

Happy 2012! Enjoy the New Year like is your last.